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Top 10 Fruits to Combat the Aging Process

Top 10 Fruits to Combat the Aging Process

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Good nutrition is one of the key foundations of a youthful, vital body that is able to thrive.

The right foods are the key to staying young, inside and out. Nature provides these plant-based foods in abundance. The results show in how you look, in how you feel and in the quality of your life.

Here are the top 10 fruits to combat the aging process:

  • Raspberries:
    • Packed with red/purple antioxidants called proanthocyanidins = most abundant in the plant kingdom
    • Vitamin C = collagen production + antioxidant (AO) + helps with bone and teeth formation
    • High percentage of weight consists in fiber = as important as AO, as it removes aging toxins from the body
  • Peaches:
    • Orange fruits are high in carotenoids = AOs that protect fatty areas of the body: liver, skin, heart, and brain, which is 60% fat
    • Fatty areas in our body require fat-soluble fatty acids to slow down degeneration and aging
    • Boron = shown to promote new bone growth and reduce risk of prostate cancer in men (1, 2)
    • Gentle laxative effect helps maintain bowel regularity, ensuring the removal of aging toxins
  • Strawberries:
    • Contain more fiber than the equivalent weight of whole bread
    • Lignans = bind with bile acids in the liver to help regulate cholesterol and stop the build of gallstones, and may prevent colon cancer (3) + helps to reduce the risk of mammary tumors (4)
    • Strawberries contain phytoestrogens = foods that balance female hormones by binding excess estrogen to a protein in the blood
    • The seeds on the outside contain cleansing fiber, zinc (AO) + B vitamins
  • Papaya:
    • Contains papain, a protein-digesting enzyme that counteracts digestive disorders and inflammation, thus reduces the aging factor
    • Arginine (amino acid) = supports heart function
    • Great source of calcium and potassium
    • Seeds have antibacterial properties
  • Watermelon
    • Balances fluids in the body = helps prevent water retention and promotes well-hydrated, youthful skin (92% water)
    • Sugar in watermelon gets diluted and does not negatively affect blood-sugar levels, but instead helps pull water into cells, keeping skin and organs well hydrated
    • Diuretic effect helps clean out the kidneys, supporting revitalization and detoxification
  • Kiwi:
    • Contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids for a fruit = helps with heart and brain health
    • Seeds contain all the enzymes and nutrients needed for a plant to grow; taking them into our bodies will help with our growth and rejuvenation as well
    • Potassium content comparable to bananas
    • Contains more vitamin C than oranges
    • Did you know you can eat the skin of kiwis? Just like an apple.
  • Purple grapes:
    • Purple grape skin and seeds are the best source we have of resveratrol = bioflavanoid
    • Contain malic acid, which assists in energy production to revitalize cells and repair damage
    • Seeds contain oils that are powerful natural antibiotics, which help protect the structure of skin and veins
  • Tamarind:
    • Has natural preservative qualities when added to food, preventing aging damage from bacterial infection
    • The dark color indicates an abundance of anti-oxidants
    • Is a bitter, which helps stimulate gastric juices and bile flow to foster digestion, nutrient absorption and removal of toxins
  • Bananas:
    • Ripe banana contains high amounts of fiber
    • Source of prebiotic inulin, which feeds beneficial bacteria (probiotics)
    • High levels of potassium, vitamin C + B6
  • Passion fruit:
    • This highly alkalizing fruit helps with fluid balance and detoxification, which is important for maintaining a youthful appearance
    • High in orange spectrum of antioxidants
    • High levels of potassium, fiber and vitamin C





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