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About Nancy

Do you feel bloated? Do you have low energy? Do you feel like your hormones are off? Tired of feeling chronically ill and not having a doctor to spend the time to listen to you
and give you the adequate care to get well? I will work with you to obtain well-being and the quality of life you desire and deserve.

By using scientifically proven natural therapies including phytotherapy, orthomolecular medicine and functional nutrition, I can support your bodies healing capacity while
addressing underlying disturbances. Some of the common imbalances I work with are autoimmune issues, hormone imbalances, digestive problems, and skin issues. I work with
several tools and strategies I have developed over the years and with laboratories in the realm of functional medicine . My goal is to work side by side in finding the right plan for
you and package for you.

My own health journey lead me to look at food & plants as medicine. You deserve to feel good in your own body and get your health back on track. In addition to being a
Professional Naturopathe in Québec, I am also a Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Herbalist in Ontario, Canada. I am a big proponent of continuing education in order to
master my craft in helping you achieve results.

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An integrative & complementary approach to health .It is both holistic, preventative, and client-centered in nature. The focus of integrative & complementary health is wellness and healing; not dis-ease. Getting to the Root Cause of clinical imbalances & supporting the body’s innate ability to heal beyond treating and suppressing symptoms.